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  • Modern Retail

    In the good old days of local retail stores, loyalty of a customer could be mapped very easily. However with the advent of brands and huge multi brand shopping destinations, the customer is now spoilt by choice. The competition is much more intense and loyalty has become a rare high value commodity.

    The concept of 4Ps now requires another ‘P'- Preference, for it to stand the test of modern marketing challenges.

    70% of marketers believe that loyalty marketing is the most effective way of creating preference towards their respective brands. Almost all major brands are now implementing some sort of relationship program in their marketing mix to engage and retain their customers. This works out to be 12 times more cost effective than attracting new customers.

    NetCarrots, with its expertise in loyalty marketing & CRM has been at helm of some of the most effective and profit making programs for the retail industry. Our expertise has been sought by traditional brick & mortar as well as modern online retail businesses for creating preference towards their brands in this highly competitive market space. We have helped our clients to:

    • Retain customers for longer periods and build long lasting relationships with them
    • Create a preference for their respective brands
    • Identify most profitable customers and generate more revenue from them
    • Resist competition by creating a loyal customer base
    • Cut down on expensive mass media advertising costs
    • Build robust systems through which effective marketing strategies can be formed

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    The following case studies reflect our contribution in increasing the bottom line profits for our clients in the retail industry.

    Case Studies

    • Customer
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    • A loyalty program for online retailer reaching out to 3.5 million customers across the country.