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  • Automotive Industry

    In these days of struggling sales and overall industry turmoil, automotive and automotive component manufacturers are focusing on areas with bottom-line impact. One such strategic focus is loyalty marketing.

    NetCarrots is proud to have served some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry. Our expertise has been sought for engaging customers through relationship and loyalty programs as well as for sales channels through rewards and incentive programs.

    NetCarrots with its suite of services, products and experience is able to address the challenges present in this industry. From engaging customers for better brand affinity to engaging channels for higher sales and post sales services, we have a proven track record of being able to solve the most difficult of challenges of an automotive industry player.

    Our solutions, technology and management expertise can be utilized to address both customers as well as channel partners. Automotive industry players may seek us for
    • Communication

      Solutions which enable lead generation through referrals

    • Data Management
& Analysis

      Comprehensive custom made programs for customer retention and acquisitions

    • Reporting

      Engagement platforms for motivating and communicating with dealers, vendors and other channel partners

    • Rewarding the
top performers

      Other products/ services specific requirements such as pushing genuine spares etc.

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    The following case studies demonstrate our capabilities of addressing the challenges that a brand from this industry may come across and how we help solve them.

    Case Studies

    • Channel
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    • An immensely successful program for one of the largest automotive component manufacturers in the world.