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  • Manufacturing

    The shift from product centric strategies to consumer centric strategies have led to the need for specific and tailor made CRM & Loyalty Marketing Solutions for the manufacturing industry.

    Players in the manufacturing industry are now trying to understand the consumer first and then design & develop the products which meet these needs. Traditionally, the customer was not involved in the manufacturing business's process, however all this has changed in the last decade.

    Till now ERP or CRM systems were a reliable solution enabling collaboration between the various channels of the manufacturer. But they are unidirectional towards either the sales & marketing or only towards the consumer.

    NetCarrot's expertise in CRM & Loyalty Marketing brings to front optimum solutions aimed at assisting the manufacturers in this new approach to marketing.

    We have created solutions which integrate with existing ERP solutions of the manufacturer in order to address numerous challenges. Our expertise can be used for:
    • Communication

      with the

    • Data Management
& Analysis

      data reporting
      and analytics

    • Reporting

      Creating a

    • Rewarding the
top performers

      and integration

    • Rewarding the
top performers

      Sales increase and New Markets creation

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    The following case study exhibits our capability to address and solve the challenges faced by a manufacturer

    Case Studies

    • No. 1 Cement Company
      NetCarrots developed a comprehensive strategic and tactical tool to reach out, communicate and engage the dealers